A Frog’s Manifesto


“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”

Has there ever been a line that was so succinct, yet so pregnant with meaning?

Yes, of course there has... but it sounded dramatic to act like there was not.

In the story “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, the Pigs sold themselves as the benevolent leaders of the farm with the promise that all animals were equal. But it turned out, some animals (namely the Pigs) were “more equal” than others.

Let us write that statement another way…

“All humans are equal, but some, the “elites”, the “famous”, the “powerful”, the politicians, the “aristocracy”…whatever you want to call them; are more equal than others.

And throughout history those “elites” have not only accepted this view, but have embraced it.

The system is rigged.


They tell you to “be more productive” and then they cut your jobs.

They tell you to “wear a mask”, and then party like it is 2019. Not to be bothered with the same “precautions” they finger wag you with, while you serve them faceless and nameless.

The irony of this photo from the Met Gala in 2021 was somehow lost on the person being photographed…

They tell you that “WAGMI!” (We Are All Going To Make it), and then make backroom deals, coordinate pump and dumps, and influence you to buy crap to ensure that you won’t actually make it.

They tell you to sacrifice your convenience to “save the planet” while they fly around the world on private jets, eat steaks from those flatulent cows, and emit countless amounts of Co2 from the hot air filled with platitudes and nonsense they spew from their podiums.

They tell you to “buy the dip” while they are selling it to you.

They tell you to pay your “fair share” of taxes, while their buddies pay none.

They tell you to “get on discord first” and to be “frens” so that you can be their free marketing tool. Meanwhile they are handing your WL out behind the scenes to a select few.

They tell you to shut down your family business to “stop the spread” while the doors on the big corporations stay open.

They create laws and regulations to “protect the little guy”, but only the “big guys” can afford to comply with them

Many laws and regulations benefit big corporations and squeeze small businesses. The COVID-19 lockdowns in The United States in 2020 were a perfect example. Many small businesses had to shut down, but big chains were deemed as “essential” and were allowed to keep their doors open.

They tell you that you have “freedom of speech” and “freedom of thought” while three corporations located in one small area in the United States dictate what you can say and when you can say it. What you can see, and when you see it.

Ladies and gentlemen.


In the eyes of the Elites, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”

Don’t misread what we say. We are not asking for equality of outcome. Nor are we advocating for “handouts” to those among us who expect others to work while they reap the rewards from our toils.

We, the Frogs, are simply expecting the equality of opportunity.

And that opportunity is what we are coming after.
That is what Web3 represents to us.

The decentralization of communication.

The decentralization of information.

The decentralization of money.

The decentralization of influence.

The decentralization of power.

Ultimately, the decentralization of opportunity.

“Ummm... These are just JPEGs…Have you gone crazy?”

The JPEG, or more precisely the NFT is our starting point. The Plague of Frogs represents two kinds of plagues.

The Plague is like a disease.

A disease spreads quickly. A disease does not care about your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, worldview, or your country of origin.

Neither does The Plague NFT. That is the beauty of the blockchain and being an anon. The different categories that we have been put into by those who try and divide us are unknown.

And we don’t care to know them.

The Plague is also like the plague of frogs from the story of Exodus. The frogs were sent to disrupt the Elites of that time and change the status quo.

We will do the same.

So yes, these are just JPEGs. But they will serve as your membership into an “army” that is moving towards one common cause.

We will unleash a Plague of frogs to combat the centralization of opportunity and corruption of power.

“You still sound crazy. What are you actually doing?”

The answer to this question is simple.

We will unite as many frogs as possible and we will create opportunities for them through our DAO.


We will stake our flag in multiple metaverses. Not because we want you to live in them (PLEASE DON’T). But because there will be money to be made in the metaverse, and we want our frogs to use money made in the metaverse to live well OUTSIDE OF IT! In the real world

Real life matters. Avatars and virtual worlds are the means, not the end.

We will be the incubator for frogs who have great Web3 based ideas, but no resources to act on them.

We will find Web2 business models that we think can be moved to Web3, and we will create our own or we will partner with existing businesses to fill that gap. But it will all be owned by the frogs

We will buy REAL assets that people care about in REAL LIFE. And they will be owned by the frogs.

In summary:

We will use our NFT holders and our partners — collectively “The Frogs” — to snatch the opportunity from a centralized few (pretending to espouse decentralization) and use that opportunity to create positive outcomes for the many (i.e the Frogs).

Next Week’s Article: Details on on how we: “Unleash The Plague” 🐸🐸